Script for Self-Hypnosis

This is a short script for self-hypnosis - just read through it a couple of times and then try the exercise. You might be surprised at how quickly you can relax and get yourself into a light trance state - just a slightly altered state of consciousness where your mind becomes more open and receptive.

Find somewhere you can relax, where you won't be disturbed, and get yourself as comfortable as you can.

During this relaxation/self-hypnosis session, if there's any need for you to become awake and alert you can instantly do so - your subconscious will always be aware.

Take a couple of nice, deep breaths, and as you breathe out, allow your breath to slow down ... allowing every out breath to calm and relax you.

And begin to let your body relax, starting at the top of your head ... allowing all the muscle groups to relax ... the muscles in the top of your head ... in your forehead, face and jaw ... just feel any tension draining away ... allowing yourself to let go now.

And let that feeling make it's way down your body ... down your neck to your shoulders ... down your arms ... down your chest and stomach ... and all the way down your legs.

Now as your body is beginning the process of relaxing and releasing ... your mind is going to follow ... so I'd like you to imagine yourself somewhere you find it very easy to relax. Some people imagine a deserted beach, or a peaceful garden, or just a room at home, it doesn't matter where it is, as long as you feel safe and secure there.

And when you've found that place ... really imagine yourself there ... find somewhere to sit down in that place ... and as you sit down ... it's as if a switch has been flicked off in your mind ... the switch that kept you awake and alert ... and flicking that switch has allowed you to go much deeper into relaxation ... much deeper than before.

And you can just stay there for as long as you need to ... imagining yourself relaxing so deeply ... because as you imagine this ... as you feel this relaxation in your mind and body ... your heart rate will slow down ... your blood pressure will fall ... any stress or tension will leave your body ... and all this is so good for your system.

So for as long as you need ... stay in your relaxing place ... and when you're ready to come back to full consciousness, just begin to be more aware of the room you're in ... aware of any sounds around you ... and come back feeling as if you've had a long, refreshing sleep. 

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